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The Day America Stood Still… #NeverForget

September 11, 2001

The attack on the  World Trade Center on 9/11 resulted in the largest loss of life by a foreign attack on American Soil.

Board Members

Tom Green

Tom Green was invited to become involved in this project in early 2014 as this original committee was contemplating entering the competition to win the 9/11 Spirit of America Memorial. He was soon the Chair and has remained as Servant Leader into 2021. His interest in 9/11, like all Americans, came from the shared experience of witnessing that fateful day when our homeland was attacked and we all saw a national unity against the threat. He was committed to the mission of the beloved 9/11 Spirit of America Memorial and it being located in Cashmere, Washington. Tom is a former Chelan County Commissioner and retired officer from the Army Reserve.

Doug Jones

With a long history of service and personal connection to serving in law enforcement and the United States military, Doug serves on the board to ensure the first responders and military personnel, in addition to all who sacrificed their lives that tragic day, are honored and never forgotten. Doug currently serves as Security and Emergency Preparedness Director for Confluence Health, a healthcare network consisting of two hospitals and multiple clinics throughout Central and North-Central Washington. Prior to joining the healthcare profession, Doug served in the ranks of the Wenatchee Police Department for 27 years retiring in 2016 at the rank of Captain. In addition to his law enforcement background, Doug retired as a Colonel in the United States Army Reserve in 2017 culminating thirty years of service which included a 12-month combat deployment to Iraq in 2008. Doug is a graduate of the FBI National Academy.

Brett Stoffel

Bio coming soon.

Jackie Jones

Jackie Jones is a retired 911 professional who worked in the public safety industry for over 25 years.  Jackie started her career at the Ephrata Police Department as a Dispatcher in 1994 and has worked for the Multi Agency Communications Center(MACC 911) in Grant County, the Wenatchee Police Department and RiverCom 911 Chelan and Douglas Counties. Jackie dispatched for 13 years and has worked as a Dispatch Supervisor, Dispatch Operations Manager and finally as the Director of MACC 911 from July 2013 until she retired in January 2020.  Jackie is a Cashmere resident since 2016 and also serves as the Secretary of the Warner Flats Water District. Jackie is passionate about helping citizens in their time of need and wants to give back to her community, citizens and especially first responders, military, and veterans.

Gina Imperato

Gina Imperato sits on the board representing the Cashmere Chamber of Commerce, travel and tourism. To Gina, the Memorial is a hidden gem in small-town Cashmere, WA. but a perfect backdrop for one to pay respects and learn more about the tragic events. While only in high school when the 9/11 attacks occurred, it is a memory not forgotten. Ensuring that education was a staple piece of the 9/11 Spirit of America Memorial’s mission was a key component for joining the board. Gina lives in Cashmere with an everyday view of the Memorial’s flag flying high from her living room – a daily reminder of hope and strength. Gina enjoys her off-time with family, a new role as a restaurant owner, and a board member of Joyful Scholars Montessori.

Joanne Prusa

Joanne retired to Cashmere in 2009 and found a welcoming and active community. When she first saw the bronze statue during its tour around the state, she appreciated its silent message – ”The bronze figures share a story as they rise from the ashes, look upward with hope, and hold hands in community. The story of 9/11 is one of citizens coming together, supporting each other and rebuilding for the future. This story should never be forgotten.”

Dick Ryan

Dick joined the board to help with the Phase II building project. Dick’s 30+ years in construction provided the knowledge and experience to help lead the construction of the project. Dick is very honored to be on the board.


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